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Educator was established in 2012 with main purpose to support active adults, seniors, children, youth, immigrants, refugees and public by the team of people with rich experience of international cooperation, strong educational and non-formal educational background, project management, youth work. 


To inform, educate, create opportunities for personal development and create diverse offer for the target groups, their leisure and active involvement. 


Provide educational and informational activities

Develop opportunity for the strategy of personal development and adults education

Support and providing the non-formal learning

Work in the field of environmental awareness, culture, art, sport, heathy life 

Create the opportunities for the sustainable development, urban and rural development

Provide activities in the field of citizens‘ education, active democracy, protection of human rights, civil society, participation, European issues and development of the information 

Enrich your life with European opportunities


Eco youth Action

Youth exchange about ecological and environmental protection

Indoor tools for Citizenship

Training for youth workers to provide indoor tool to their work

Youth Prevention

Training to provide different tools, skills and experience to develop their work

Erasmus+ SPORT

Stress Management Through Physical Activation we want to Encourage social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport, reducing depression, anxiety and stress, physical activity improves the perception of self-image, especially for women, and empowers self-confidence.


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