We are very happy to announce that EDUCATOR have been granted with a ERASMUS+ SPORT project with the tittle:

Stress Management Through Physical Activation

Number: 622615-EPP-1-2020-1-CZ-SPO-SSCP

Here some info about the project:

Stress Management Through Physical Activation we want to Encourage social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport as there is support by the commission and the different actions that we are doing during the project will will lead us to it.

Sport’s is highlighted in the Council conclusions on the role of sport, the Commission Communication on Sport and the Council Conclusions on the contribution of sport to the EU economy as a driver of active social inclusion. In particular, The Commission has concluded the vital role sport has in addressing youth employment and social inclusion. The EU Disability Strategy 2010-2020 also aims to empower people with disabilities so that they can enjoy their rights and participate fully in society.

The socio-economic conjunction is changing so fast more than ever in accordance with the needs of knowledge-based society, digitazitation, the changes on definition of the jobs and their requirements and mass immigration. Because of these massive changes in every field of our lives; individuals experiencing difficulties to adapt them and when they feel inadequate to deal with this crisis. Moreover, due to current situation with COVID-19, the situation is getting more challenging, by effecting peoples mental health and wellbeing in a negative way.  

The strong link between physical activity and mental health has been verified by a number of researches. According to the WHO Statistics; taking part in a physical activity increases the sense of belonging to the community so that it eliminates the social isolation. Besides, physical activity affects psychological well – being in a positive way as it ensures a reduced risk against depression and anxiety. It is especially important that active living has significant improvement on the mental health of children and young people as well as it improves the life quality in elder ages. 

Besides reducing depression, anxiety and stress, physical activity improves the perception of self-image, especially for women, and empowers self-confidence. It is clearly understood that active living has a wide range of affects from physical well-being to improvement social and cognitive skills which have a direct impact on mental health and well-being. As a result, it occurs a need for a stronger connection and multidisciplinary approach between sport and mental health. Our project has been built on making a contribution to this need. 

General objectives of Stress Management Through Physical Activation, are:

  • to envisage sport and mental health practices in a supportive and collaborative approach
  • to develop sportive methods to tackle with negative effects of current social changes
  • to encourage social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport
  • The use of sport as a didactical tool to communicate vital health-related information to ‘at risk’ groups;
  • Promoting sport to contribute to achieving mental health objectives, including addressing depression and stress-related disorders.
  • to coordinate exchanging of ideas in a highest and European level
  • to make the physical exercise a part of everyday life of individuals (youth and adults)
  • to increase sense of belonging and self-confidence while reducing stress and depression

Our specific objectives are:

  • to meet experts from different disciplines in order to exchange ideas and good practices so that creating a sustainable learning environment. 
  • to close the gap between lack of knowledge and practice gathering terminology, researches and essays in the related fields
  • to strengthen the link between the experts, local authorities and vulnerable groups 

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