Youth Exchange -ECO YOUTH ACTION-

Earth and environment require help, but is not taken seriously enough. In our opinion, most of what we can do for the environment is conscious and green living in our communities, in our home. For this reason the exchange of 9 days, 24 October to 1 November 2016, in Alicante, 30 young people from 5 different countries (Czech Republic, Iceland, Italy, Hungary and Spain) participate in the exchange.

Aims to show young people what their ecological footprint is. In addition they will realize that everyone can do something to protect the environment, to stop climate change. They can discover the activities they can do to help our country to reduce its footprint. The program is a combination of different activities which are connected with the ecological footprint so they touch five topics: housing, food, transportation, shopping, waste. During these activities young people can acquire new experiences, learn new skills, make new friends, contacts and have an impact on the local population and know each other’s culture. A lot of different methods of non-formal learning will apply: games, workshops, outdoor activities, group work, discussion, role play, round table and exchange of ideas. We will emphasize and provide space for learning and sharing of realities. We want to show to all the young participants, the environmental protection, ecological footprint and for this reason is why we will carry out different activities, workshops, lectures and a video that will be the end of the exchange to motivate people to live green and help our planet.

We will also create a booklet comparing the results of the calculation of the ecological footprint of participants / countries and participants’ ideas on how to reduce their footprint and posters made by the participants, which will be presented in the dissemination activity and awareness we will make the last day. After this exchange we hope that more people start to believe that we should care for our planet more than we do, to be aware, first locally (their homes), start recycling and be greener daily.

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