Training Course -YOUTH PREVENTION-

The idea of this project is motivated by the European social alarm that is occurring in the formal and informal education due to the increased number of peer harassment (one in four young people suffers harassment or violence from their peers / friends).
Around 600,000 teenagers between 14 and 28  commit suicide every year in the world, a figure, which at least half of all cases, has any connection with bullying; being the European countries hardest hit by this phenomenon, accounting about 200,000 suicides per year.
As the number of youth bullying rapidly increases, measures must be taken to try to solve this big problem, affecting even the families of the aggressors and attacked and also the staff working with young people not knowing how to address this great social phenomenon.
Several different risk behaviors can affect the development and welfare of our youth. Among them we can mention: the bullying and school violence, alcohol and drug abuse, teenage pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, discrimination and exclusion of groups.
The prevention of risk behaviors is an important need in our work with young people, and it is relevant to approach it and know how to help young people and prevent them.

With this training course we want to provide different tools, skills and experience to participants  in order to develop their work, support them and prevent problems among young people. All partners in the project think there is a need for training and retraining of the youth workers in the topic of prevention in youth.
We will help the youth trainers, teachers, monitors, workers to improve their skills, to  develop better job, being ratios of the risks of young people, so they can anticipate these help or advise. For this reason we will work in the following areas that are important for prevention:
– Bullying and Mobbing.
– Conflict Resolution.
– Alcohol and drugs.
– Cyber-space (Tic).
– Affectivity and sexuality.
– Exclusion and Social Inclusion.

More info and materials:

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