Short Term Staff Training “Creative Tools to Activate NEET”

The Short term staff Training provides the opportunity to provide skills, train youth workers, youth educators, artists of the organizations on methodology, tools in artistic areas that can help, support and empower the NEET to be integrated in the society.

The Short term staff Training will be 5 days and will take place in the Czech Republic, Ostrava. 

It will be attended by 3 staff members from each partner (15 in total); they will conduct classroom sessions/workshops facilitated by a expert in the mornings and practical team-building and cultural exchange events in the afternoons. To guarantee the success of the course and the achievement of the established objectives, the association has established to send people who have a good knowledge of English and work directly with NEET in their communities.

The result of this training will be the training of 15 youth workers who on their return will be able to support, teach and guide local NEETs using the artistic activities to integrate in the community.

From 3th till 9th October will be in Ostrava.

More info:

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